South Florida Courier Service 

Asset Courier Florida is South Florida’s most trusted and dependable courier service.  Our delivery services cover the entire State of Florida however most of our business is concentrated in the South Florida area.   We have a variety of delivery services available including time sensitive material, dedicated runs, same day delivery, late night pickup, medical delivery, rush shipments and more. 

We have been in business since 1999 and are professional, fast friendly, and affordable!  Whether you need a medical courier, have time sensitive material or need a late night pickup, the South Florida courier of choice. 

South Florida Delivery Services 

Rush Messenger Service South Florida 

Our rush messenger service is our most popular service. Typical rush messenger service is completed in 2-3 hours. This service is available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4 PM.   Our certified and highly qualified couriers in South Florida will pick up and deliver your shipment rapidly.  Our messenger service is recognized as fast and dependable. 

Medical Courier South Florida 

Asset Courier Florida can make deliveries to hospitals, medical centers, clinics and long term care facilities with speed and accuracy anywhere in the South Florida area.  

Asset Courier Florida can also meet the needs of pharmaceutical distributors from single item deliveries to route service with returns and exchanges. Our Medical Courier Services in South Florida are flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the Healthcare Industry.

Asset Courier Florida understands the sensitive nature and importance of medical deliveries, the steps that are necessary to fulfill requirements in the medical community, and is compliant with all requirements including OSHA and HIPAA. 

Scheduled Courier Services in South Florida 

Over the years, route deliveries or scheduled courier route services has been one of our most popular services. Asset Courier Florida has been providing unmatched courier route services for customers in the South Florida area since 1999.  We understand how critical it is to deliver each package quickly, safely, and reliably each and every time.  

Overnight Express Shipments South Florida 

When it’s too late for Fed-Ex or UPS to pick up, Asset Couriers Service will be happy to assist you in expediting your packages. We will make certain your package is there exactly when you need it – ON TIME!  We can pick up your package, hold it overnight and deliver it by opening hours the next day to your desired destination.  

We strive to give you peace of mind and to be the delivery service you can depend on in the South Florida area.   We specialize in moving extremely urgent shipments for some of South Florida’s leading companies.