Courier Route or Scheduled Courier Services 

Over the years, route deliveries or scheduled courier route services has been one of our most popular services. Asset Courier Florida has been providing unparalleled courier route services for customers in West Palm Beach and the South Florida area since 1999.  Our industry experts understand how essential it is to deliver each package quickly, safely, and reliably every time. 

Scheduled Courier Services

Route Courier Services are for our customers who have daily or weekly drop-offs. This service is less expensive than our on-demand or rush courier services.  Our typical courier route services involves inter-office mail delivery to satellite locations or daily bank deposits or customers who need packages dropped off nightly through the mail.  We have clients who have us regularly deliver newspapers, medical specimens, paycheck, vendor parts and more.  

Route Delivery Software

With our integrated software and real-time traffic alert system we will provide reliable and precision routes for all your shipping destinations. We offer customized solutions for all your shipping needs. Our priority is to provide you with the most reliable courier services at a very competitive rate. 

Loyal Route Courier Customers

We have a large number of loyal courier route service customers because we are professional, consistent and on time.  You never have to worry about a delivery with Asset Courier Florida.   We can save you money, time and headaches with our scheduled or route delivery services

Why Choose our Scheduled or Route Delivery Services: 

Reliability.  We are Consistently on Time.  Our professional and helpful scheduled route couriers will work hard to meet your scheduled delivery needs whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. 

We Make it Easy on You.  Because of our advanced technology, we can put you into the cue of daily deliveries.  Once you tell us your desired route, we put it into the system eliminating the need for you to call us.  

Compatibility.  We want our couriers to create long term professional relationships with our clients.  We work hard to keep you with the same courier because we know how important relationships are.  We will only send you trustworthy professional friendly couriers. 

Experience.  We have been in the courier business since 1999.  Experience leads to dependability and expertise.  We keep up with technology and certifications because we are here to help you to be successful. 

Whether you need scheduled route courier services for multiple branch offices or just two or three locations, we are the choice for you.  We are confident we can meet your needs even if you need a customized solution.  

Medical Route Delivery Specialists

We are specialists in medical route deliveries including deliveries of medical offices, laboratories, bio medical, lab tests and blood banks.  Call us now for a quote.